This incredible bottle school constructed in San Pablo, Philippines, is made from plastic bottles filled with adobe. (Photo by Kristel Gonzales)

An Innovative Concept – The First Bottle School in Asia

A cleverly constructed schoolhouse in San Pablo, Philippines, has become the first of its kind in Asia. Conceived and constructed by Illac Diaz (its executive director) and My Shelter Foundation along with the help of dozens of donors and volunteers, the innovative building not only helps to address a shortage of classrooms in the town by providing a brand new place for the children to learn, it also saves the environment.

The school is made from thousands of discarded plastic bottles (1.5 and two-litre water and soda bottles) that are filled with adobe, a combo that is relatively cheaper than concrete and is actually three times stronger. The empty plastic bottle of soft drinks have been donated to the construction site to help in the country’s building facilities as it struggles to provide universal access to basic education. Instead of throwing them away which could pollute the environment for 700 years, they have been put into extremely good use.

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Wow! That’s all I can say. 🙂

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