by Anne C. Silva, Philippine Star Supreme “May pulis, may pulis sa ilalim ng tulay…” I really wish I were singing the novelty song at that moment, to make the situation more movie-perfect. There I was, in high spirits, fresh from a good lunch in Serendra, thinking about what a great day I was having. I’m sure the rest of the driving population can relate when I say it all turned around and changed for the worse after I was pulled over for Jesus-knows-what-this-time. I was apprehended for violating the number coding scheme along McKinley Road, where I thought window hours were implemented. Actually, I was pretty sure I was safe from any tickets because I tweeted at the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), arguably the authority most associated with number coding, to verify it. However, a man in dark blue waved at me and motioned for me to pull over halfway down the road. “Ma’am, coding po kayo.” Huh? Isn’t the window until 3 p.m.? “Kuya, 2:30 palang. Diba may window hanggang 3? Nagtanong ako sa MMDA, may window daw dito.” To which he replied, “Ma’am, hindi po ‘to jurisdiction ng MMDA. Makati po dito.” Damn it. Read more 

How I took the MMDA on and kind of won


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