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No Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and everything for 3 days!

I wasn’t able to open my Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Mail, and all my other social networking accounts for three days. That’s because I was chosen as one of the facilitators for the JAM Batch 2 of our parish. Although I find it difficult, I really enjoyed the experience. I must say all efforts and sacrifices were really paid off.

Phew! Again, welcome to the growing family of JAMmers. See you when I see you! 😉

Just Another 29 Balisong…

Photo taken from Ate Kitty’s digicam.

Yes, another 29 participants joined the Jesus and Me (JAM) Young Leader’s Camp last June 3-5 in Pililia, Rizal. I was chosen as one of the facilitators for this batch. These 29 young people faced and survivied a lot of challenges in this 3-day camp.

Welcome to the family ROLP JAM Batch 2! This is just the beginning of a more colorful journey in your lives. Mabuhay ang kabataan ng ROLP! Mabuhay ang kabataan ng Cubao!

By the way, special thanks to our fellow facilitators from Santo Cristo de Bungad Parish Kuya Paulo, Kuya Eric, and Ate Joy. This parish has been one of the instruments to making this camp for the youth possible.

A thought for Tonight: There are Two Sides in an Issue

If you want to be heard, listen. If you want to air your side, speak. If they don’t want to listen, stop talking. For there’s no sense airing your side if they’re not interested to it. And lastly, PRAY – God is always ready to lend His ears when everybody else doesn’t want to do so.

-Talking from experience. Good night folks! Looking forward to enrollment tomorrow.

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