Oh What a Day!

And so, many good and bad things happened to me today.

  • I rode an aircon bus instead of MRT/LRT, which made me almost two hours late in our call time. It was an embarrassing moment because as a leader, I should act and speak like a true leader, but I failed to be ON TIME.
  • My group went to SM Foundation, Inc. office. Nothing happened. They don’t have office on weekends.
  • We stayed in the seaside and enjoyed it but get tired at the same time.
  • I had a nice rest before attending our meeting.
  • As I reached the church, I thought it was our meeting. It was a Parish Pastoral Council’s New Year party. I won twice in games.

So on and so on. I’m a bit tired to explain or elaborate what happened to me today. All I say, I had a lot of realizations and learned a lot of lessons.

Maybe, I should tell more on this next time. Got to go! 🙂


Lesson last Christmas

A lesson learned last Christmas: Learn to fight for what is right. Voice out your stand even if talking to an older person.

What keeps me going?

  1. Knowing that God is with me all the time.
  2. My family who loves me so much.
  3. My friends who are always at my side through thick and thin.
  4. My goals and aspirations in life.
  5. I’ll be meeting the man for me sooner or later (if God’s will).

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