A thought for Tonight: There are Two Sides in an Issue

If you want to be heard, listen. If you want to air your side, speak. If they don’t want to listen, stop talking. For there’s no sense airing your side if they’re not interested to it. And lastly, PRAY – God is always ready to lend His ears when everybody else doesn’t want to do so.

-Talking from experience. Good night folks! Looking forward to enrollment tomorrow.


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I can. You can. We can. 🙂

I thought last week would end bad…

Yeah, I thought this week would end bad.

We had a report in one subject about SM Foundation, Inc. There’s this groupmate (let’s call that person groupmate 1) who made me pissed that day. We were able to borrow a speaker for our presentation but it needed a connector. Unfortunately, no one has a connector for that particular speaker. To a guy friend who brought the speaker: In behalf of my groupmates, a million thanks for lending the speaker to us. Although we haven’t used it, we appreciated it. =)

Going back, Groupmate suggested to convert the videos to mp3 format then play them simultaneously. But I immediately disagreed to that plan because we had a little time to convert those videos. So I asked some of my groupmates if they knew someone who has a speaker. A guy classmate told me to rent a speaker in the computer shop near to our college. The rental fee’s around P10-20. Since the situation dictates, that’s what I thought, another groupmate and I went to that computer shop and inquired if we can borrow their speaker. They told me to return it after use and surrender my school ID. I would get my ID if I returned the speaker to them. So, I gave my ID. I told this another groupmate if the rental’s below P20, I won’t collect contribution for that and will pay for it.

We went back to classroom and surprisingly, our professor went a bit earlier in our class.  Groupmate one got mad because that person said I didn’t consult our groupmates with that decision. But I told that person, “Have you ever consulted me with your actions?” I went outside the class. My friends approached me and told me chillax for our reporting’s about to start. I expressed my sentiments toward that person like what Groupmate 1 did to me. So on and so on. I can’t elaborate further much as I want to.

I went back to classroom and the reporting started. Although we weren’t able to answer some questions and some showed disrespectfulness to us, I thought it turned out good (from a leader’s point of view. Haha :D).

Speaking of being a leader, I knew somehow I made a mistake. I didn’t consult everyone in the group with the decision I made. You know, getting their consensus. Maybe because of time constraint. But before I left, I told some of them I was wrong not telling them what I did without their say. And they understood it. Thanks to them. 🙂 And mostly, I’m always after the group’s interest and the betterment of everyone over my interests.

After school, I went straight to Adarna’s 1st Storyteller General Assembly. Everything went smoothly. Oops, I can’t tell you more what they discussed to us. After that, I mingled with my co-storytellers. I walked with Kuya friend and a co-storyteller. We dropped her at her office. So, we talked almost everything under the sun, mostly our problems and sentiments with some things. While walking, I shared a lot of things like my left knee was bumped two Wednesdays ago, Le Vogue 2011, and what happened to me that afternoon; and he on his preparations for his dramatics club’s upcoming play on March 11. Literally, we hiked (este walked) from the Adarna office to my home. Imagine that, we can walk as far as we can. Haha 😀 We both love walking.

If I didn’t see him last Friday, most likely last week would end bad. And I’m super thankful to God for giving me such friends like me who can be my confidant, my best friend, and my Kuya. *power hug* to him. 🙂

As I end this suuuper long post, I learned to:

  • Not panic when the group’s in trouble, which leads to small conflicts. I forgot to get my groupmates’s concensus that’s why it created a small conflict.
  • I’m still lucky God loves me. God loves us so much. I feel sooo lucky to have few yet REAL friends. *power hugs* to the nth level for you guys.
  • Walking is good, especially when something bad happened to you. Studies show walking makes you healthy in almost all aspects in life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.
  • Blog if you can. Just feel free to share the ups and downs in your life like what I did today.
  • Lastly, be thankful with everything. You are blessed and you will be blessed. Amen! 🙂

All for now. Good night! 🙂

P.S. My apologies for the typographical errors and wrong grammars I committed in this post.

Same here… :l

Internet Connection – What’s Wrong with You?

What’s wrong with you?

For two straight days, our internet connection’s down for the nth time – and it really pissed me off. Because of that, I can’t update my Facebook, Plurk, Yahoo! Mail, and Tumblr, of course. Ooh la la!

It’s driving me crazy whenever our net connection is down. I can’t help but get mad. And it occurs when you most needed the connection because of tons and tons of school requirements given by your professors.

As of now, I’m in a computer shop; trying to patch up with things and downloading videos, articles, and pictures for our report on SM Foundation, Inc. tomorrow. By the way, SM Foundation is the socio-civic arm of the SM Group of Companies through which it helps the less fortunate in the communities it serves. These are the areas within the vicinity of SM department stores and supermalls that need assistance. For more info, visit http://www.sm-foundation.org/

Going back, I’m rushing everything now especially our report tomorrow. Betcha by golly wow! And, it’s killing me softly. I hope I can finish all of these by tomorrow. All the best for our group!

As soon as we get our internet connection back, I will post as many as I can – and if time permits! 😉

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